The History of Youth Olympic Games


In October 2018, Indonesia will take part in the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Argentina. The Youth Olympic Games is a sport event for young people under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. This event is held for teenagers aged 14 to 18 years.

Like the Olympics, YOG is held every 4 years. In addition, the YOG’s organization is divided into two, the Summer and Winter Olympics. In 2018, the summer YOG will be held in Buenos Aires. While the winter YOG will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2020.

The implementation of YOG in Argentina this year is the third time for YOG. For the first time, YOG was held in Singapore in 2010. Nanjing City then had the honor of being the host, four years later. Youth Olympics Games was initiated by an Austrian industrial manager, Johann Rosenzopf in 1998.

This idea started by YOG because of the obesity’s issue that hit teenagers. In addition, the decline in teenagers’ interest in sports is also a driver of this type of Olympics.


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