This Karate Institution is ready to send Graduates Athletes of National Championship to practice in Japan

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As many as 412 karateka from all regions in the country participated in the seventh karate national championship held by executive board, Kei Shin Kan Karate do Indonesia  (PB) on October 27th-28th, 2018.

Of the hundreds of participants who won the best championships from various categories by the Kei Shin Kan Karate-Do Indonesia Executive Board, they will be sent to the country of Sakura Japan. They will undergo education from Kei Shin Kan’s best karate masters / teachers in Japan.

“Kei Shin Kan is very concerned about the development of Indonesian karate. We want to print the best karateka that can later be donated to become a national athlete. We will join the results of this National Championship to national and international events, including being sent to study in Japan, “PB Kei General Chairman Shin Kan Karatedo Indonesia Leonard said as quoted by (10/28/18).

The National Championship was enlivened by the presence of Kei Shin Kan Asia Pacific Chairman Mr. Kisaku Uchida, black belt holder Dan 8. Also was present Japanese Kei Shin Kan Chairman Mr. Elichi Yamazaki (And 8) accompanied by Singapore and Australia chairman Kei Shin Kan.

Mr. Elichi Yamazaki said that the development of Indonesian karateka, especially Kei Shin Kan, is very rapid. He considered Indonesia could produce tough karateka who have world achievements.

“We support the development of karate in Indonesia. I see the karateka here (Indonesia) potentially to be great, “Yamazaki said.

In line with Yamazaki, Chairman of Kei Shin Kan Asia Pacific Kisaku Uchida said, National Championship is very important in order to hone the experience and abilities of the karateka.

“To be a reliable karateka, regular training and continuous matches are needed. Events like this National Championship are very good. They can be honed in Japan, “he said.

The seventh National Championship held by PB Kei Shin Kan Karate-Do Indonesia was made as part of a school development program with a focus on sustainable development patterns carried out by the central management. The participants of this event were all Kei Shin Kan college students from all over Indonesia.

They competed in 87 word numbers and son’s kumite in nine categories, namely early pre-category (6-7 years), early age (8-9 years), pre-eminent (10-11 years), beginners (12-13 years), cadets (14-15 years), juniors (16-17 years), U-21 (18-20 years), seniors (> 20 years), and veterans.

“Especially the veteran category consists of three classes contested, namely classes 40-50 years, 50-60 years, and 60-70 years,” said Leonard.


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