Yogyakarta Pencak Silat Championship 2018 Followed by Thousands of Athletes


The sport branch of Pencak Silat is now increasingly loved after incised neat achievements with  series of gold medals in the Asian Games 2018 and especially among the early ages such as students.

This can be seen from numbers of martial arts championships after the biggest Asian sporting event which successfully attracted the interest of thousands of athletes. One of them is the 4th Yogyakarta Pencak Silat Championship in 2018.  In this 4th Yogyakarta Pencak Silat Championship 2018 there are 3,302 athletes taking part. The championship took place at GOR Amongrogo Yogyakarta on Tuesday (10/23).

The championship, which is initiated by the Rajawali Wing Community which attended by 3,302 athletes from various provinces in Indonesia, divided into 350 contingents from representatives of well-known martial arts schools and institutions such as Merpati Putih, Tapak Suci, Perisai Hati and others.

Participants themselves are divided into several classes such as fighter classes and art classes. For the fighter class, there are quite a lot of participants because the championship is attended by many young protégés from schools, both elementary, middle and high school.

“The participants are from various ages, from elementary school to adult. Two categories are contested, which are fighter and art. Our participants match based on age and weight, “said Romy Ardiansyah as Chair of the Organizing Committee, reported by Tribunnews.com.

“So far, Tapak Suci seems to have sent the most fighters, because there are quite lots of contingents from Muhammadiyah schools and from various regions,” Romy added.

In the two-day championship, the judges are nationally licensed. They come from various regions such as East Java, West Java, Central Java, and the Special Region of Yogyakarta. In the meantime, they are fighting for a prestigious prize for a national fighter in the form of trophies and cup.

The committee hopes that with this national-scale championship, new athletes will be prepared to be prepared by IPSI to a higher level representing Indonesia.


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