YOG 2018: Ikhsan’s Failed to Match Ginting’s Achievement

Sumber Gambar: Pantau.com

Indonesian athletes who took part in the Youth Olympics Games 2018, Ikhsan Leonardo Imanuel Rumbay must end his fight in badminton after the quarter-final match of submission from his Indian opponent Lakshya Sen. In the quarter-final match, Ikhsan was defeated two sets directly in the hands of Lakshya Sen with a score of 17-21, 19-21.

Ikhsan admitted that he did not play in his best performance. The 18-year-old player from Tomohon is trying to perform better in the second game. But his lack of calm at the end point made Ikhsan unable to extend the game.

“In the first game I played less calm, at the final points I often rushed to turn off the opponent. I tried to play more calm in the second game, I had the chance to excel, but when I tried to attack, my attack did not penetrate. I made a lot of mistakes in the second game, “Ikhsan said as quoted from tribunnews.com (11/10/18).

“Furthermore, according to Ikhsan, the opponent he faced has a special connection in a fast punch so that he felt overwhelmed in the sector.

“The opponent’s strength is to punch the connection fast enough, as he moves from behind and goes forward. Whereas from me, there are still many things that need to be improved, attacks, defense and calmness must be improved, “Ikhsan added.

Ikhsan felt a sense of disappointment, because he could not provide the best for Indonesia at his junior age. He also determined that in other junior events, he would be more eager to practice until he got extraordinary results. “If I feel disappointed, definitely I’m very disappointed, when I lose, I can only be quiet. I think that this is my last year playing in junior class and I can’t give the best for Indonesia. Hopefully I can get better results at the WJC (World Junior Championships) “said Ikhsan who will compete at WJC next November in Toronto, Canada.

At the Youth Olympics Games itself, Ikhsan also played in team numbers whose group members were determined by the YOG organizing committee. Ikhsan represented the Sigma team and played in the men’s single class against Nguyen Nhat from Ireland, against Nguyen Nhat Ikhsan must aground with a score of 22-33. While in the men’s doubles, Ikhsan played with Cristian Savin of the Republic of Moldova, they were beaten by Nguyen Nhat / Kettiya Keoxay (Ireland / Laos) with a score of 47-55. With that result, Ikhsan has not been able to match the record of Anthoni Ginting, Indonesia’s victory which were able to obtain bronze at the same event in 2014.



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