Yayuk Basuki, Emerge to The World’s Top 20th

Yayuk Basuki. (wtafinals.com)

The greatest Indonesian female tennis player of all time. The title is very worthy given to Nany Rahayu Basuki or better known by the name of Yayuk Basuki. Having embraced tennis since an early age, the tennis player who was born on November 30th, 1970 famous for her forehand bazzooka was successfully incised a myriad of achievements for Indonesia.

She went through a long journey as a female tennis athlete. In 1987, she reached the quarter-finals of Wimbledon Junior; in 1988, she strived at the Seoul Olympic; The year 1990 she officially plunged into the international pro tennis arena and incised various achievements in various championships; Until the peak in 1997, she managed to penetrate the last eight of Wimbeldon.

Yayuk’s achievement in the eight major Wimbeldon is at once listed her name as the first Indonesian woman who entered Eight Club, an institution that accommodates the eight major alumni of the prestigious tournament.Yayuk is entitled to VIP facilities worldwide thanks to her achievements.

Her ranks of achievement at the time ranked her as the 19th in the world for the women’s singles category and ranked her as the 9th in the world for the women’s doubles category.

Yayuk Basuki, Jaguar of Asia!


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