What’s Left From a Week of Implementation of Asian Para Games 2018

Sumber Gambar: Detik.com

Asia’s biggest sporting event specifically for people with disabilities, the Asian Para Games 2018 which took place in Jakarta for a week, starting on October 6th  and ending on October 13th , left many interesting stories.

One of them was the event that successfully amazed the audience who were present directly inside the venue. According to Chairman of the Asian Para Games Organizer 2018, Raja Sapta Oktohari, more than 450 thousand spectators watched the Asian Para Games. That number is only accumulated in GBK, not counting in the Jakarta International Velodrome other venues.

This matter suddenly broke the negative news related to the lack of public interest in watching Asian Para Games as spread on social media.

Not only it was successful in attracting audience interest, the Asian Para Games event also left a sense of emotion for the people who were present directly into the venue. As reported by Detik.com, some of them actually feel they have a greater inability than the athletes who are fighting on the track.  Some go home with double gratitude because they have flawless intact posture. There were also those who were touched by the concern shown by the athletes with disabilities to competitors.

“I can’t hold back my tears when a swimmer from Kazakhstan who appeared without both hands accepted the mascot. Then other swimmers help hold the mascot. They want the opponent to be able to celebrate to the maximum, “said Rachmatunisa, an audience from Bogor.

The audience also became indifferent to the flag the athlete was carrying. Also do not care about the passport that is pocketed who is performing.

“Indonesian people are very cool.  No matter where country the athletes from, the audience kept on applauding. As if the athletes from Indonesia are playing”said Adi, one of the audience from Kuningan.  Obviously for some residents who watched the Asian Para Games 2018 feel grateful. Because they had become a small of Indonesian people who able to feel the moment. I don’t know when Indonesia is trusted to host a sports event for the disability. For this reason, the heritage of the Asian Para Games is expected to be timeless.

Greater expectations were expressed by Majid Rashed, President of the Asia Paralympic Committee (APC) before the closing of the Asian Para Games. Not just a matter of memories, but expectations that Indonesia will become a nation that does not marginalize disability.

“Jakarta has succeeded in creating a good environment for people with disabilities,” Majid said.

“After this competition, we hope that Indonesia and Jakarta remain to be environment friendly for people with disabilities here. This is the biggest legacy of the Asian Para Games for Indonesia, “he said.

Meanwhile, for Indonesian Paralympic athletes, it is clear that they are performing well at the Asian Para Games 2018 opening the gap to perform at the upcoming 2020 Olympics.  As is known, the Indonesian contingent ended the struggle at the Asian Para Games 2018 by being in the fifth position of the final medal standings at the event. Overall, the Red and White contingent collected a total of 135 medals with 37 gold medals, 47 silver medals and 51 bronze medals.


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