Wushu Makes Indonesia’s Name Famous Again

Ghaniya (kanan) dan Emir bersama sang ibu, Ade Safitri, saat mengikuti kejuaraan wushu di China. (Dok. Pribadi Ade Safitri, )

After successfully becoming one of the sports that contributed to gold at the Asian Games, Wushu is back to make Indonesia’s name famous again of in the world of sports. This time, siblings Ghaniya Zada Achari and Emir Fadilghani Achari stole the attention of their achievements at the International Wushu Shaolin Festival in Zhengzhou, China.

At the championship which is held from 19 to 23 October 2018, Ghaniya Zada Achari won gold in the Changquan number or bare hands in class A under 12 years. Meanwhile, Emir, who also competed in class A under 12 years, won third place in the Nanquan bare hands.

According to the mother, Ade Safitri, the Festival in Zhengzhou is an open championship held by the Federation of Asian Wushu (WFA). Although held by the WFA, many participants from outside Asia, such as from the United States or Ukraine. In this championship, as many as 2000 participants from 65 countries participated.

“This championship can be a stage to get to the world championship. The championship in Zhengzhou is an initiative of every college but still goes through the recommendations of PB Indonesian Wushu, “Ade Safitri said as quoted from CNNIndonesia.com.


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