Wushu Focusing On Physical, Facing a Solid Agenda in 2021


The Covid-19 Pandemic that has not subsided, is not an obstacle for administrators and athletes living in the National Training Center of Wushu to continue to hold training programs. 30 athletes have undergone training at Pelatnas, in order to face the tight schedule of international matches in 2021.

As seen on Monday (05/10), 30 wushu athletes consisting of 16 Taolo athletes and 14 Sanda athletes were very excited to keep practicing. Exercises are also divided into two. For Taolo, he practiced training at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (GBK), Jakarta. Meanwhile, Sanda runs the National Pelatnas program at the Multipurpose Guesthouse, Bung Karno Complex, Jakarta.

As explained by the Secretary General of the Indonesian Wushu Executive Board, Ngatino, 30 athletes who are now in the National Pelatnas, have been together for almost the past month. They are preparing to face various agendas in 2021. Such as the Vietnam 2021 SEA Games, the Wushu World Championship in the United States 2021, the 2021 Youth Olympics, the World Cup (Sanda) Australia 2021, the Japan 2021 World Cup (Taolo), and the 2021 China Universiade.

“Indeed, next year there will be a lot of international championships, therefore we will prepare athletes who undergo national training from now on,” said Ngatino to the media crew in Jakarta, Monday (5/10/2020), as quoted by the Times Indonesia.

Ngatino personally explained, the PB WI National Pelatnas process has been running smoothly until now. This cannot be separated from the support of various parties, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which has disbursed Pelatnas funds.

“Kemenpora support for the national plate budget is very beneficial for athletes, all the needs of the national plate can be met and run well,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Wushu National Training Center Manager, Iwan Kwok said that the current Covid-19 pandemic is forcing athletes to train more than compete. Therefore, Pelatnas as it is now become very important in facing the many agendas in 2021.

“For this year, maybe we will do more to restore the physical condition of athletes, and next year we will do a little technical improvement. And all athletes are currently in good condition,” he said. Iwan Kwok.


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