Make it happen, the One Coach One Athlete Program, This Is What the Ministry of Youth and Sports Do

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The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) is increasingly serious in improving the quality of trainers in Indonesia for the achievement of talented athletes in the future. One of them is through a training program of 100,000 trainers and Sports Instructors whose aim is to improve the quality and quantity of Indonesian sports achievements with the target of one athlete one coach.

The latest, Ministry of Youth and Sport held a National Sports Trainer Training in the Office Room Pattern of the Enrekang Regency Regent, South Sulawesi which took place on Friday (10/26/2018) until and closed on Sunday (10/28/2018) as the embodiment of the program.

The training of sports trainers and instructors is entrusted by Kemenpora to the Institute for the Development of Indonesian Sports Achievement and Health Potential (P3KORIN) for the second time as an organizer.

In the training, P3KORIN presented 500 participants who are trainers, teachers and sports practitioners from various regions in South Sulawesi who are targeted to be able to help the government in improving the quality of sports human resources.

P3KORIN Advisory Board Arifuddin Usman as the party entrusted by Ministry of Youth and Sport said that the highest appreciation to Ministry of Youth and Sport has entrusted P3KORIN as the organizer of the activity.

“P3KORIN is very ready to synergize with the government regarding the progress of Indonesia’s sports achievements,” said the man who also served as UNM Deputy Rector III, reported by

Meanwhile, the Regent of Enrekang District, Muslimin Bando, admitted that he was very pleased that Enrekang district was appointed as the host of the National Sports Training Training event in 2018. Bando claimed that the program is carried out according to President Jokowi’s joy in building regions from the periphery.

“As a dalle (sustenance) that Enrekang district is appointed as the host of the 2018 National Sports Coach Training 2018 event. Also a gratitude through this activity our trainers is facilitated by the government in this case Ministry of Youth and Sport. Corresponding with President Jokowi wishes, to build regions from the periphery of the city, if the Ministry of Youth and Sport program improves the quality of trainers from region to center. This is what we need for sports achievements, “said Muslimin Bando.

Meanwhile, sometime ago Ministry of Youth and Sport, Imam Nahrawi said that Indonesia still lacking many trainers. For this reason, through this training, it is hoped that Indonesia can create one athlete, one coach

“Currently, Indonesia still lacks the number of trainers, therefore, this year we hope to improve the quality and quantity of trainers by 100 thousand,” he said.

“Every coach is expected to be able to at least identify and train 1 potential athlete so in the future we will get 100 thousand athletes to be fostered and developed into national athletes,” he added.

Indonesia itself is indeed experiencing rapid progress in the field of its sport. Specifically, after the success of the Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018.


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