Woman Soft Ball Optimistic Get Medals on SEA Games Manila

Sumber: bolaskor.com

Manager and coach of the Indonesian Women’s Softball Team, Iwan Pujiahrto is optimistic that his team will be able to present medals at the upcoming 2019 SEA Games. The optimism of the man who is familiarly called Djarot is quite large. He believes the women’s team is able to bring home the gold medal, or the worst scenario of a silver medal.

That is because of the 10 ASEAN countries, only two countries stand out. Namely Indonesia and also host the Philippines.

“We have above 50 percent chance to get a gold medal. We continue to compete closely with the Philippines,” he said as quoted by Topskor.id.

Djarot added that the Philippines would pose a serious threat to his team. Because Softbol is one of the most popular sports in the Tagalog-speaking country. Because of that in terms of competition and also coaching certainly more mature than Indonesia. Even there is a naturalized player who was brought in the SEA games this time.

“Softball there has become a community sport. So indeed the competition there is very active, street. They also have 7 naturalized players from America. And in the world ranking, they are indeed above us,” he added.

Before appearing at the 2019 SEA Games, the women’s team also had time to measure themselves at the 2019 Asian Womens’s Softball Championship last April. Unfortunately Indonesia only managed to sit ranked 5th out of 10 contestant teams. Indonesia was eliminated after falling in the hands of the Philippines in the semifinal.

While the men’s team is also no less optimistic with the women’s team. The sweet history of the 1997 sweep of the SEA Games champion with two gold medals is a great motivation for the Indonesian contingent. Finally, Indonesia became Runner Up after being defeated by the Philippines in the 2015 SEA Games final.


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