Without International Agendas, These are Activities of Puspa Arumsari

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Covid-19 pandemic made the wheels of sports competition stop all over the world. This clearly affected the stopping exercise. One of them is experienced by national fighter Puspa Arumsari. Resting from the training activities, Puspa now actually has a new activity that is also able to hold onto his life.

Is a business convection and sports that are now the main activity of Puspa. Actually, this business he has been in for a long time, but so far it has only been a side, because he is more focused on practicing martial arts.

But with the outbreak of the co-19 pandemic, now the business is the focus of Puspa’s daily activities. Grateful, getting more attention from the owner, the business now actually shows progress.

“Thank God it’s still safe,” said the woman who is familiarly called Dara, as quoted by Jawapos.com.

The word is still safe, according to Dara in the sense, demand is still high and relatively increasing. He also did important things in order to reduce expenses in the business. Namely, by relocating the place to sell. Where before the outbreak, Dara had outlets in the Lubang Buaya area, but now she is moving her shop to near her house, near the Cipayung Setu Headquarters.

The distance is indeed not too far from the old shop, but the current location is Dara’s personal property, so he does not need to pay rent. Indeed, the place has not yet become 100 percent, but it is not a problem, because in the Capital City, it still implements the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) protocol.

“Well, while waiting for the shop to be finished, it’s just right that we go online,” said Dara.

Besides being an independent online, the Jakarta State Polytechnic alumnus, also felt calm in selling, because so far it has been assisted by several resellers.

“So it’s safe,” said the 27-year-old woman on March 10.

The fighter from the Setia Hati Terate Fraternity College also stated that the profession as an athlete and business is complementary. Earnings from selling, can be to support the fulfillment of extra needs in practice. Conversely, the bonuses obtained can also be used for business development. As achieved by the virgin when won gold at the 2018 Asian Games and the 2019 SEA Games.

“Some of it is, but not much,” he said.

As for the current practice in the midst of a pandemic, Dara admitted that he was still doing it, but it had decreased considerably. At present he only practices physical guarding, as well as sharpening techniques through virtual training with material from the coaching team.

Dara is actually projected to be able to compete at the Belgium Open which was supposed to be held in May 2020. Also the World Championships in Malaysia in June. But these two agendas must be postponed until when. The closest agenda that has already been fixed is PON XX / 2020 Papua, which will be held in 2021.

” But, I don’t know yet. Conditions like this, all events also retreat. Now only PON is certain, “he concluded.


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