Weightlifting Holds Tests for 12 Athletes for Olympic 2020

Sumber: Tribun News

The Association of Indonesian Weightlifting and Iron Weight (PABBSI) is currently preparing 12 weightlifting athletes whose plans are revealed to face the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. In order to maximize their abilities, PABBSI is also holding an athlete test at the Kwini brand headquarters in Central Jakarta.

The ability test is intended to monitor how the athlete’s condition, after for the past five months, they only practice independently during the covid-19 pandemic.
“I am actually wary of the results of the progress test this time because their mentality is not good after undergoing 5 months of isolation at Kwini. However, we are still trying to maintain performance by holding tests that we usually hold once a month,” said Deputy Chairperson Weightlifting Association, Weight, Bodybuilding All Over Indonesia (PABBSI), Djoko Pramono, as reported by Tempo.co.

Djoko also explained that the test results were very disappointing, where, several world and Asian records could be passed, especially in the men’s sector. Like the neat performance displayed by young lifter such as Rahmat Erwin Abdullah, Rizky Junianysah, Muhammad Faathir, and Mohamad Yasin, who managed to pass the record of veteran lifter force Eko Yuli Irawan.

While in the women’s sector, lifter Windy Cantika Aisyah, Siti Nafisatul Hariroh, Juliana Klarisa, Nelly, Putri Aulia Andriani, Tsabutha Auliah Ramadhani and Nurul Akmal, also showed a positive increase in ability.

Windy Cantika, who has passed the Olympics, is still nervous, so she failed when she did the snatch. Meanwhile, another lifter who also has pocketed Olympic Nurul Akmal tickets managed to achieve the highest total force.

“The lifter like, Eko, Rizki, Cantika able to break the world record and Asia in this test. Well, once again we have to make a breakthrough by combining senior, junior and youth lifter so that there is no achievement gap between them. Although initially the plan “We are opposed. However, finally the Menpora agreed,” said Djoko Pramono.

Meanwhile, there are three Indonesian Team lifter who have the right to compete in the main round of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. They are, Eko Yuli Irawan, Windy Cantika and Nurul Akmal.

“If there is an event held next year by the World Weightlifting Federation which is also an Olympic qualification round, we still have a chance to add one or two more tickets. But, what is certain is that weightlifting will still be contested at the Olympics,” Djoko Pramono said.


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