Waiting For Achievement from a Srikandi Archer


Asian Cup of Archery 2018 held in Bangkok Thailand is already over.Indonesia won one silver and 4 bronze medals.One silver was donated by Diananda Chorunisa who paired with her partner Riau Ega in a mixed double recurve number.

Diananda Chorunisa is an archer who is prepared and expected to get a medal for Indonesia in the arena of Asian Games 2018. Some achievements have been inscribed by a woman who is familiarly called Anis, such as reaching a total of 3 gold at the SEA Games 2013 and 2017.

The 21-year-old woman was born to be an archer. The blood that flows on her body is the archer’s blood that she inherited from her mother’s family. The relative from her mother’s side, Ratih Widyanti, is family of archers. The sister from Anis’s mother, it’s a legendary archer from Indonesia. Lilis Handayani who is part of the three srikandi who seized the 1992 Olympic silver in Barcelona. From her mother, Anis knew the archery for the first time. She started to know and practiced archery since elementary school. Archery field KONI Surabaya became a place to sharpen her skills.

At first, Anis was confused to determine which sport she would played. Her father is an athlete also, he plays Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial art), that’s why she was curious that she wanted to study about silat. Zainuddin, Anis’s father, he’s a former Silat Athletefrom East Java, he seized silver medal at SEA Games 1995 for Indonesia.

With her mother’s guidance, a student who majors in Psychology, Airlangga University, Surabaya finally chose her career in the world of archery.As reported by Sportanews.com, Anis said: “At that time, both my father and mother explained about the risks involved pencak silat and archery.If martial arts, they said that if I choose pencak silat, I could broke my bones, while if I choose archery, my skin will be black skin as it continues to bask in the field. So, I rather choose achery because I’m afraid to break my bones and more medals are being contested. ”

The silver achievement in the 2018 Asian Cup certainly gives some hope of the best achievement in the Asian Games 2018. Diananda herself, as quoted from detik.com targets 2 gold medals from team and mix numbers.


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