Vietnam and Thailand Urge Indonesia as Runner Up


On Sunday (12/08) the position of the Indonesian Team in the 2019 SEA Games standings has not changed. Of the many medals up for grabs, the host Philippines is still firm at the top of the standings and still puts Indonesia in the runner-up position.

The Philippines itself is still difficult to pursue in the 2019 SEA Games general standings. They had collected 284 medals by Sunday night with details: 111 gold, 86 silver and 87 bronze. When viewed since Saturday 7 December, the Philippines managed to get 61 medals, with 22 of them being gold.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Team still ranked second. The Red and White troops managed to get 15 gold, 13 silver and 21 bronze from Saturday to Sunday. At least until Sunday night, the runner up position of the 2019 SEA Games standings is still safe to be owned by Indonesia.
In total, the Indonesian Team at the 2019 SEA Games has collected 208 medals from 66 gold medals, 63 silver medals and 79 bronze medals.

It’s just that Indonesia’s position as runner up is also not safe. Given that Vietnam is ranked third is also able to run fast enough in the acquisition of medals. Vietnam on Sunday, successfully collected 20 gold. Where this makes Indonesia’s position as runner up is still not safe.

Apart from Vietnam, Thailand, which is ranked fourth, also has the potential to endanger the position of the Indonesian Team in runner-up. The White Elephant Country contingent, also the same as Vietnam, they were able to get a lot of medals on Sunday, which is as much as 19 gold.


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