Shooting Target 2 Athletes Through to the Olympics


The Great Management of Indonesian Shooting Unity (PB Perbakin) currently has indeed secured a ticket to be able to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics stage, through Vidya Rafika Rahmatan Toyyiba in the women’s Air Rifle class. Not yet satisfied with the achievement, Perbakin is now hunting for one more ticket through the men’s Air Rifle number.

“If we pass one male athlete then we can appear in one more number, namely the Mix Air Rifle which has been tested by winning gold at the 2019 SEA Games,” said Secretary General of Perbakin Firtian Judiswadarta As reported by Tempo (22/01).

Explained by Firtian, that in accordance with the regulations of the world shooting federation (ISSF) that there are 360 slot athletes who will appear at the 2020 Olympics. 360 tickets, will be contested through four channels. 300 of them, can be achieved through qualifications.

“We already had a quota yesterday. Vidya Rafika got it but it was by nations not by name,” Firtian said.

Allotment to be able to appear in the next Olympics, explained Firtian, will be the ration of the host, which is 12 tickets. He added, the quota was still likely not to be used by the host, and would be contested by other countries through qualifications.

“The method of distribution can be based on several ISSF decisions,” he said.

The third path that can be taken by Perbakin according to Firtian, is through world rankings. In this phase there will be 12 tickets prepared for male and female athletes, each with six tickets.

If the world’s top athletes already have tickets, then their ration tickets from the rank will be delegated to the owner of the highest minimum qualification score (MQS)

“Each number has a different MQS score. There are 15 numbers for the Olympics,” he said.
The fourth path to the last, is as much as 24 quota of tripartite by invitation. He stated, this invitation path could be proposed by the Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC) to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and ISSF.

Determination for the invitation quota winner is based on the results of recommendations from the executive committee in the shooting federation from Asia, Europe, and America.

“It just so happens that I, as the executive committee at ASC (Confederation of Asia), all depend on the NOC’s lobby for the IOC because it is by invitation,” Firtian explained.

“We will try all methods, including fostering athletes to get the remaining quota. There is still a World Cup, the last was May 31, 2020,” he added.

According to him, there are still three world championships that are on the agenda of the ISSF to win Olympic Olympics which will take place in New Delhi, Munich and Poland. “Actually there are still test events in Tokyo and world championships in Azerbaijan,” he said.

To hunt for Olympic tickets, Perbakin prepares 10 athletes who will participate in national training throughout 2020.


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