Two Potential Young Athletes Join National Athletic Training Camp

Sumber Gambar:

Young athletes athletes Dina Aulia and Vanetin Vanesa Lonteng get a leap of achievement, by getting tickets to join the National Training Center (Pelatnas) of the Indonesian Athletics Association (PASI).

The two athletes, who were coached by the Ministry of Sports Special School (SKO), on Wednesday (05/02), received the blessing and motivation of the Deputy for Sport Culture, Raden Isnanta at the Ministry of Sports Office in Jakarta.

It is hoped that Raden Isnanta, the two young athletes, is expected to be able to continue honing their abilities in the National Pelatnas, and to be able to draw knowledge from experience, from a number of more senior athletes, so that in the future, they can also make Indonesia proud.

“Put a high target, for example the Olympics. That way, the achievements of the SEA Games will be easy for us, “said Raden Isnanta, as reported by

Both Dina and Valentin said they were proud of their achievements, so that now they could potentially be part of the Indonesian National Team for athletic sports.

“I am a team with senior Emil (Emilia Nova), we are five in that team,” said Dina excitedly.

“I hope that in the future we will be able to compete in the world and olympiad events,” said Dina Aulia, who was also joined by Valentin Vanesa Lonteng.

Dina who successfully penetrated Pelatnas with the best record in the 100 meter goal with a record time of 14.00 seconds, said she would not set grandiose targets later. He personally only wants to improve the record time to 13.80 seconds.

While the successful Valentin has a time of 12.04 seconds on the 100 meter run, wants to be able to improve the record with Pelatnas PASI to 11.00 seconds.


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