Two Indonesian Boxers Getting Closer to the Olympics 2020


Two Indonesian team champions from boxing, Aldom Suguro and Mikhail Roberto Mustika, were getting closer to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics tickets. After the two boxers succeeded in penetrating the final round of the Asia-Oceania Zone Olympic Qualifying Boxing Championship in Amman, Jordan.

Aldom Suguro, who competed in the 52kg flying class, defeated his opponent from Pakistan, Syed Muhammad Asif, with a landslide score of 5-0, Thursday (05/03). In the quarter-finals, Aldom will fight Uzbekistan’s Zairov, who won bye in the previous round.

Meeting Zairov, Aldom is expected to face tough challenges. Even though it’s not easy, there won’t be a word of surrender before competing from Aldom. A victory in the quarter-finals, will already deliver to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“Aldom will face Zairov who won the world championship in Russia in 2019. But, I’m sure Aldom will be able to overcome it with his ability and mentality. Moreover, the scoring system in this championship is very fair, “said Hermensen Ballo, coach of the Indonesian boxing team, as quoted from

Just like Aldom, another Indonesian Team boxer, Mikhail Roberto Mustika also successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, after in the last eight, ending the resistance of Ne Zealand boxer, Scaife Ryan with a score of 3-2.

The result was Mikhail Roberto’s second victory in the middle class (75 kg). Previously, he uprooted American Samoa boxer, George Tanoa with the numbers 5-0.
“Mikhail’s performance was indeed extraordinary with clean blows,” said Hengky Silatang, Manager of the Indonesian Boxing Team.

Next in the quarter-finals, Mikhail will challenge Indian boxer Ashish Kumar, who succeeded in overthrowing Chinese Taipei boxer Cha Wei Kan by a landslide score of 5-0 in the final quarter.

“We have seen the game Ashish Kumar and will learn its weaknesses. Hopefully Mikhail Roberto can handle it and ensure a place to the semifinals while reaching a ticket to Tokyo,” added Hengky Silatang.

In accordance with IOC regulations, Adom and Mikhail only need to be able to penetrate the semifinals to be able to ensure their slots at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Such as failing to penetrate the semi-finals, Aldom still has a chance to the Olympics, fighting over the remaining two tickets in his class. The same thing can be experienced by Mikhail, who still has the opportunity to win one ticket remaining from his class.

The IOC has determined that there are six boxers from the 52 kg flying class, as well as five 75 kg middle class boxers, who get tickets to qualify for the Asia-Oceania Zone Olympic qualifying round.

The Indonesian team itself still has one boxer who is still struggling in the final eighth round, he is Lucky Mira Agusto Hari (57 kg lighter). Lucky will face the boxer from the host, Muhammad Abdul Aziz Alwadi.

Whereas the only Indonesian women’s boxer, Ratu Sipa Lau, had to suffer defeat earlier, after failing to win from Sri Lankan boxer, Krisma Ayoma Dulani. The queen must recognize the superiority of Krisma with a score of 1-4.


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