Two Indonesian Badminton Athlete Team Which Becomes the Most Olympic Medal Collector


Although the Olympic gold medal counted for Indonesia was only obtained in mid 1992-2016, but it turns out the Indonesian Team, only has two athletes who are arguably the most medal collectors for Indonesia. Who are they?

The Olympics is indeed known as a multi-event with the most prestigious class. So many athletes who really want to get on the podium at the four-year tournament.

One of the sports that is the mainstay of Indonesia in this event is badminton. Since competed at the Olympics in 1992, Indonesia has hardly ever been absent from being able to get a medal from this sport. However, although the achievements of Indonesian badminton players were fairly good at the Olympics, it turned out that there were only two athletes who managed to collect the most medals during the Olympics compared to other Indonesian badminton players. Following the review, as reported by Indosport:

Liliyana Natsir
Liliyana is a legend in mixed doubles number. He became the first Indonesian athlete to be the most collector to date at the Olympics. Gold medal, Liliyana successfully obtained while defending the Red and White at the 2016 Olympics, while the silver she successfully got at the 2008 Olympics.

The gold medal was obtained by Liliyana in 2016, when she was paired with Tontowi Ahmad. In the final round at that time, they managed to beat a pair from China, Chan Peng Soon / Gooh Liu Ying with a score of 21-14, 12-12. While the silver medal at the 2008 Olympics, was obtained by Liliyana when she was paired with Nova Widianto. At that time, this duet had to recognize the superiority of South Korean couple Lee Yong Dae / Lee Hyo-jung with a score of 11-21, 12-21.

Susy Susanti
Susy was also listed as the most successful badminton athlete who presented the medal to the Indonesian Team, with one gold and one bronze. In fact he was listed as the first Indonesian who managed to get a gold medal. That is precisely what happened at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. At that time Susy, who specialized in women’s singles, managed to beat Bang Soo-hyun’s resistance with a score of 5-11, 11-5 and 11-3.

Afterwards at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Susy had to be satisfied with the bronze medal achievement, after in the semifinal round she was defeated by the rival she defeated at the 1992 Olympics Bang Soo-hyun with a score of 9-11, 8-11.

Hopefully at the next Olympics, there will be another Liliyana Natsir and Susy Susanti from the Indonesian Team who will be able to make the nation proud by achieving the highest achievements.


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