Evan Dimas’s Tricks to be Able to Take College Exams While Defending National Team

Sumber Gambar: Goal.com

Amid the obligation to fulfill the country’s call to defend the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup 2018 which will take place on November 8th to December 15th. Selangor FA Gelanda, Evan Dimas Darmono, apparently also does not forget his obligation as a student to complete all assignments in lectures.

For information, Evan is currently registered as a student at Dr Soetomo University majoring in Public Administration. However, he also become one of 23 lists of names of players who are called by PSSI.

Interestingly, Evan will also be faced with two exams that he has to do simultaneously, which is the college exam that he must go through together with appearing to defend the Garuda squad in the AFF Cup.

However, Evan also admitted that he has his own way to overcome this problem. The 23-year-old player always communicates with the lecturers to make it easier for him to take the exam.

“Today (11/31), I have classes. The next test is during AFF Cup, but it can be emailed if there is an assignment,” Evan Dimas said, quoted by CNNIndonesia.com.

“I do not take time off at the AFF Cup, I still have classes. The exam has not been completed, Thursday (1/11) actually I must go to the class anyway.  But I stay, so I still have to communicate with the lecturers regarding my assignments,” he added.

Currently, Evan is part of the Red and White Squad and has gathered in Cikarang to undergo training camp on Thursday (1/11). Under the leadership of the Bima Sakti coach, Evan and his colleagues targeted to be able to make the Indonesian National Team AFF Cup winners this year. This follows the results of 12 appearances in the AFF Cup, the Indonesian national team has never won. It was recorded that the Red and White squad held the title runner up five times.

“It’s good if the target is to be the champion, as a player, I feel motivated and challenged,” he continued.

In this year’s AFF Cup, the Indonesian national team is in Group B. Singapore will be the first opponent of Fachruddin and friends at the National Stadium, Kallang, on November 9th. Furthermore, the Garuda squad will fight Thailand, the Philippines and Timor Leste.


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