Triathlon, an Endurance Sport


The triathlon is a highly tested physical endurance sport with a combination of long-distance swimming, cycling and running. The Triathlon is one of the new sports in Asian Games, it was first introduce at Asian Games XV Doha in the year of 2006.

At Asian Games 2018, the Triathlon will be contested in Palembang from August 31st until September 1st, 2018 at JSC Lake Jakabaring.  The distance that the triathlon athletes should take is 1.5km, 40km cycling and 10 minutes marathon run without pause, for individual.

This contingent will compete for 3 gold medallions, one for male, one for female, and another one for mix numbers.  For mix numbers, one team will be strenghtened by two male athletes and two female athletes.  They will compete with the composition of male an female, who will each pass a distance of 300 meters swimming, 6.3 km cycling and 2.1 km marathon run.

In Indonesia, Triathlon is under the federation of the Indonesian thriathlon organization.  This organization is a member of Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) and International Triathlon Union (ITU).  ITU’s Organization was formed in 1989 and immediately roll out world championship at the same year.   At the olympics, this contingent was the the first competed in Sydney’s Olympic, 2000.


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