Tracks Career of Indonesian Tennis Legend, Yayuk Basuki

Sumber: AFP/PASCAL PAVANI/Kumparan

Yayuk Basuki is a female tennis legend in Indonesia. Various international achievements have been achieved by the woman born November 30, 1972. Interestingly, before it became known as the Indonesian Tennis Queen, Yayuk actually had an intense training as an athletic athlete.

Yes, admitted by Yayuk, that tennis is actually not the first sport that he struggled as a sportsman. Instead he was once a part of the All Indonesian Athletics Association (PASI). But at the age of 12 years, Yayuk finally settled on choosing tennis, and left the athletics she had worked on.

Even so, Yayuk is grateful to have joined athletics, which provides a lot of sporting basics, which are very necessary in the world of tennis.

“So the athletics are good because mother of sports, the basis for any sport is that athletics is the best,” Yayuk said, as reported by

Yayuk’s choice of tennis, she explained, was inseparable from the role of her father Budi Basuki, who provided much input and motivation about the sport from the United Kingdom. Focusing on tennis, Yayuk was getting a good chance at sports, after finally being accepted into the Ragunan Sports School in 1986.

“Ragunan School produces athletes who can be called world achievements,” she said.

During his time as part of the Ragunan Sports School, Yayuk had more opportunities to be able to gain experience with his fellow athletes, who in the future were also successful in making the nation’s name fragrant. Like, Susy Susanti, Ardi B Wiranata, and Ricky Subagja.

“We were all forged there, finally we could produce very good results for the Indonesian people,” said Yayuk.

During becoming part of the tennis world in Indonesia, Yayuk has won four gold medals for the Indonesian Team at the Asian Games. Partnered with Suzanna, she also successfully presented two gold medals in the women’s doubles at the 1986 and 1990 Asian Games. Even in 1990, Yayuk also won a gold medal at the Beijing Asian Games from mixed doubles, paired with Suharyadi who eventually became her husband.

“I presented the last gold in 1998 at the Asian Games in Bangkok through women’s singles,” she said.

Yayuk Basuki is arguably having a flashy career in tennis, especially after she decided on the professional track. In 1990, he joined the Pelita Jaya club, as his first professional team. Together with Pelita Jaya, Yayuk was awarded a five-year contract.

“After that, I finally wandered by myself with a coach, that’s where the journey if we are mentally not strong there is the test. We are in a country where people are always sneered at, underestimated,” she said.

In that era, according to Yayuk it was not easy to pursue a career as a professional tennis player. It can not be separated from tennis, which is still not a popular sport in the country.

Yayuk admitted, at that time, she also had many challenges and especially psychological pressure.

“Alhamdulillah, I can prove a lot from the match, which has to prove that I am able to compete in the top flight,” she said.

Yayuk explained that throughout his professional career, he had already defeated six tennis players who entered the ranks of 10 worlds at that time. The highest ranking ever achieved, is ranked 19th in the world.

“Of the four best Grand Slams in Wimbledon, it is in the top eight. Besides that, I hold six world titles and several other big events,” Yayuk said.


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