Tokyo 2020 Olympics Officially Postponed, Indonesian Team Swimming Legend Show This Response

Sumber Gambar:

The postponement of the implementation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, received a response from one of the swimmer legends of the Indonesian Team, Richard Sam Bera. According to him the decision of the IOC and the Japanese Government was very ideal.

“The joint decision of the Japanese Government, IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee to postpone the summer Olympics this year is a right decision,” Richard said, as reported by

“At present, the main priority of all governments in the world is the safety of all people from the threat of the spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus, which will continue for the next few months, maybe even until the end of 2020,” said the former swimmer who had defended the Indonesian Team in three Olympic events.

Richard also said, that the delay could bring disappointment to the athletes, officials, coaches and also the sports federation which was originally going to compete in the multi-annual event four years. But the man who now leads the BOPI said that if the Olympics were still forced to be held in the midst of the current pandemic, it would potentially hurt more the feelings of the world community, because it was in a time of sorrow.

“Hopefully, the Corona Virus pandemic will pass quickly and the world can resume normal activities in the near future,” he said.

“I can’t wait for the year 2021 where all athletes, coaches and officials from all over the world can gather in Tokyo in a calmer and more joyous atmosphere, so that it can again inspire us all,” Richard added.

To the sports people in Indonesia, and also the community at large, Richard advised,
so that all elements can now be united, in the face of the current Covid-19 pandemic. It is hoped that the 48-year-old former swimmer, all parties can look after each other, and their respective environments.

“Must be able to self-discipline to stay at home, work at home, exercise at home and worship at home. Support the continued work of the government in efforts to deal with the spread of Covid-19,” concluded Richard.


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