When will the National Team go to the Olympics? This is the Answer from PSSI


Within its history, the Indonesian national team has performed at the Olympics in 1956. However, since the Olympic football is followed by the U-23 national team since 1992, Indonesia has never made it through.

Therefore the PSSI is working hard to develop the program early on, which is through the U-16 national team coached by coach Fachri Husaini. PSSI Secretary General, Queen Tisha revealed that the Indonesian Under-16 national team players had made commitments she wrote on a piece of paper before going down in the Asian Cup 2018.

The commitment of Indonesia’s future children is recognized by Tisha will continue to be a spirit and inherent in each player who aims to qualify for the Olympics 2024.

“Therefore, before the U-16 match yesterday, from the federation with the national team, these children in particular have made a small commitment written on a piece of paper, so that what it contains becomes our secret,” Tisha said from tribunnews.com ( 03/10/18)

“But that’s our commitment to continue to focus and the answer will be in our target to present the Olympics to Indonesia in 2024,” he continued.

We are present the Olympics to Indonesia in 2024, “he continued.

Tisha further said that through young children, PSSI believes they can pass on the values of positive values in football such as respect, discipline and high sportsmanship to every child of their age. So that other children will be encouraged to be the best.

“We hope that these children will be the inspiration for the Indonesia Under-16 national team to compete later in their respective clubs, returning to school, again becoming one of the elements of society that can show football values, respect, discipline and sportsmanship. “Tisha said.

Tisha also gave an example to the U-16 children so that they don’t like the Nigerian U-17 national team who won five prestigious titles but in the World Cup yesterday the results were not neat. Tisha also assessed that a good football ecosystem at an early age level will begin to work on so that the expected future for the national team is long term.

“Our journey does not stop here, we can’t be U-17 Nigeria notes, which is successful 5 times, but doesn’t make it to the world cup, because our struggle for the world’s top 25 in 2045 starts with the legs of our children who must assisted with good soccer ecosystem around it, “he concluded.


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