Tiara, The 3rd Srikandi Who Contribute Gold For Indonesia

Sumber: wismaberita.com

Despite being in the extreme category, Downhill which is one of the genres of mountain bike sports is quite popular in Indonesia. No wonder this type of sport is often held in various regions throughout the archipelago. This what makes Indonesia have many mainstays. One of them is a beautiful girl named Tiara AndiniPrastika.

At the Asian Games 2018, Tiara, who joined the Prima Patrol FJC Team, managed to set aside Thailand’s Downhiller, Vipavee Deekaballes and won the third gold medal for the Indonesian contingent. Bicycle race is predicted to contribute a gold medal for Indonesia. Because ISSI considers bicycle racing is a sport that is always productive in terms of achievement.

Although having suffered an injury to the index finger of her right hand, but the athlete who was born on March 22nd, 1996 remains optimistic when competing to represent Indonesia in Subang, West Java. Tiara felt that as the host, Indonesian athletes should have mastered the field and that is the asset to win the Downhill bicycle race.

Tiara really loves bicycle sports since she was young, she started with a Road Bike. But in 2012, Tiara switched to the Downhill branch. Because of her love for this one sport, Tiara always shares photos of herself with her favorite bike that you can see on Tiara Andini Prastika’s personal instagram account.

In addition of being a Downhill bicycle race athlete, the athlete from Semarang has also studied at the University of Semarang majoring in Accounting. But in 2017, Tiara decided to leave college and focus on being a bicycle racer. This decision was also supported by Tiara’s parents, especially her mother. And it’s proven by myriads of achievements.


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