Three Potential Shooting Athletes from NTB Open Opportunities to Join the National Team

Sumber Gambar: Lombok Post

Unmitigated, from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) there are three potential shooting athletes who have a great opportunity to enter the National Training Center (Pelatnas) for shooting projected for the 2021 SEA Games.

This was conveyed by the Head of Performance Development (Kabidbipres) PB Perbakin Andik Budi Triono in Jakarta.

“There are two big chances because of their good track record. Enter the top three nationally, “said Andik Budi quoted from

Two people who according to Andik Budi have the greatest chance of joining the National Pelatnas are Bagus Sholeh Aristyawan, and Supadmi. It is good to have a specialist number on the trap, while Supadmi also has the ability to trap numbers.

Besides the two shooters, another athlete from NTB who also has the potential to join the Indonesian Team is Dasep Imam Suherman. It’s just that to be able to enter the three names into the Indonesian Team for the 2021 SEA Games projection, PB Perbakin still has to wait for the official numbers to be contested. Dasep himself specializes in 300 meters.

“If this number is contested, Dasep will enter the national plate,” he said.

Andik Budi added that the National Olympiad and SEA Games 2021 are already running. There are shooting athletes who have joined Pelatnas, especially athletes who have won Olympic tickets. Combined with a number of junior athletes.

Even so, according to him, there are still opportunities for other athletes to join the national team. They can enter the Indonesian Team as long as they have good progress.

“All athletes from anywhere can still join Pelatnas, because we apply a promotion and relegation system. At the same time, we are still waiting for the official numbers to be competed in the SEA Games later, “concluded Andik Budi.


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