This is the Reason Why Lisa Setiawati Cried After Getting the Silver Medal


The cry of Indonesian women’s lifter, Lisa Setiawati broke out after the dairy medal she got in the 45 kg class at the 2019 SEA Games at the Rizal Memorial complex, Aquino Stadium, Manila, Philippines, Sunday (1/12/2019). Not tears of happiness, but the disappointment of failing to win the gold medal.

Lisa has indeed become one of Indonesia’s mainstay lifter at the SEA Games. His success in winning the bronze medal in the 2019 World Weighlifting Championship made him the foothold of the Indonesian gold medal.

Unfortunately the expectations are not as sweet as imagined. Lisa only managed to record a total of 169 kilograms with a snatch weight of 73 kg and 96 kg clean and jerk.

He lost to Vietnamese lifter Vuong Thi Huyen, who incised 172 kg with a 77 kg snatch and 95 kg clean and jerk.

“I was forced to choose a 100 kg force in the last trial the clean and jerk group failed. If in the snatch I can get 75 kg or 76 kg in the third batch I can catch up or equal Vietnam,” Lisa said after the match as reported by

“It turns out that in the third generation, clean and jerk, I also had to desperately because I was 5 kg behind from Vietnam. So, inevitably I pursued it in order to get a gold medal. It can’t be helped,” he added.

At the same time Lisa made an apology for less than optimal results. He was devastated because this could be the last SEA Games for the 30-year-old lifter.

On the other hand reported from, Menpora Zainudin Amali who happened to watch the game immediately came down to Lisa. Zainudin asked Lisa to come home with her head held high because what she had done was quite encouraging for Indonesia.

“Indonesia is proud of Lisa. Because her name is also a sport that wins and loses. And Lisa is very extraordinary, because the silver achievement is not easy with the last generation,” said Zainudin.


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