This Is The Aquatic Health Protocol, To Implement Pelatnas In The New Normal Period

Sumber Gambar: Humas PRSI / Tribun News

The Executive Board of the All-Indonesian Swimming Association (PB PRSI) has completed the preparation of a health protocol for athletes and coaches in the new normality period in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. One of the regulations states that during the training period, fellow trainers and swimmers are strictly prohibited from borrowing equipment from each other, and also maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters, while in the pool.

In addition to the rules on distance and the prohibition of borrowing equipment, the PRSI health protocol also requires athletes to rinse the whole body with soap before swimming, and is prohibited from bathing in the rinse bathroom, unless there is a bathroom with an individual cubicle model. And all athletes and coaches are prohibited from using the hair dryer facility to the public.

PRSI also gives obligations to all athletes to always wear masks or face shields while in the pool area, unless they are in the pool, or are training physically. Besides that, introductory athletes are also prohibited from waiting around the pool, and must use a mask or face shield. All swimmers and trainers are not allowed to wear footwear in the pool area, except to bring special footwear intended for the pool area.

. “Hopefully this additional protocol is useful for athletes and coaches, aquatic people who will exercise swimming, beautiful jumping, artistic swimming and water polo,” said the Head of Development and Achievement of PRSI, Wisnu Wardhana, as reported by

Previously, PB PRSI visited the Bung Karno Sports Complex on Monday, June 15, 2020. There, the PRSI held a meeting with the manager of the GBK Aquatic Stadium and Facility.

According to Vishnu, one of the main topics of the meeting was the sports health protocol, as well as the technical perception of the implementation of the national swimming training center (Pelatnas) in the new normal period.

“We discussed swimming training procedures in the new normal period, because what we want to emphasize is that Covid 19 has not been completed despite the PSBB easing. But health is still the priority,” Wisnu said.

Wisnu added, the meeting discussed the details of what and how the trainers, swimmers and introductors must do, as well as various other technical details, in the transition period, as well as new normalcy.

“Because in addition to using the swimming pool there is also the use of shared rinse spaces, parking lots and others,” he said.


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