This is How I Gede Siman Sudartawa, Safely Practicing Swimming, During the Covid-19 Pandemic


One of the swimming champions of the Indonesian Team, I Gede Siman Sudartawa, did not stop training, even though in the midst of the 19th pandemic, which forced a number of sports exercises to stop, including swimming training camps.

Siman did various methods and protocols to be able to stay safe practicing during the covid-19 pandemic. There are at least a few steps that must be taken by the four SEA Games 2011 gold medalist, before starting training.

Like other sports that are the parent of the Indonesian swimming organization, PRSI also applies strict health protocols, so that swimmers are not exposed to covid-19. Siman explained, before starting to practice, he first did a number of things. Starting from checking body temperature, and wearing a mask before and after practicing in the pool.

“On average we personally do the test first, then just start training. After our practice there is also no interaction with friends. The training was done, then some went straight home, some took a shower, but took turns. So, there really is social distancing, “Siman said as reported by

“For swimming, I personally practice to be two to three times per week. The session in the morning from 06.00-08.00. The crossing, if yesterday one person was one track. The distance of the track is 2 meters, so it meets the requirements so that the virus does not spread, “he continued.

Furthermore, the swimmer from Bali said, that the pool for training used was indeed not yet open to the public. This was considered by Siman to be a good decision, because it became part of the safety requirements and health protocols that had to be disciplined

“The swimming pool is also not open to the public, so only for national training. So, safe. Once we enter the pool, we check the temperature, use masks, and all kinds of things, “said Siman.

Especially for female athletes, PRSI has already again held Pelatnas at the Bung Karno Aquatic Stadium, Jakarta. Pelatnas, which was held starting early last week, is carried out with strict health protocols.


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