The Winding Road Sapwaturrahman, Forged 100 Meters, Succeeds in Long Jump

Sumber Gambar:

To be able to achieve glory in sports for athletes is indeed not easy and instant. As is also felt by one of the mainstays of the Indonesian Team of athletics, Sapwaturrahman. Now known as an athlete specializing in long jump and outbreak, who would have thought in adolescence, this native athlete of West Nusa Tenggara actually aspires to be a sprinter.

As reported by Suara NTB, the gold medalist in the long jump and bronze jump outbreak at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, tells us that before now he was a long jump and outbreak athlete, he actually had a good achievement in running 100 meters when he was still a career at adolescent and junior age groups. Precisely at the National Athletics in 2010-2011.

But unexpectedly, stepping on seniors, Sapwaturrahman actually won glory in the jump number, both far and outbreak.

“In 2010 to 2011 I always got a gold medal in youth and junior high school run numbers, but in 2015 until now I chose to focus on the long jump and jump outbreak numbers. And thank God, you can contribute gold and bronze in the 2019 SEA Games, “he said.

Pulled back, falling in love Sapwaturrahman with a sport called the mother of sport is really started from short distance running numbers and high jumps. Although, precisely at the beginning of his introduction to the world of sports, the man who was born on May 15, 1994 was actually engaged in swimming, and had won the Porseni Youth in 2009.

Sapwaturrahman’s father, Sanapiah Arsyad was the first person to introduce him to the world of sports. As a sports teacher, Sanapiah became a physical trainer for his son in high jumps, running 100 meters and swimming, when Sapwaturrahman was only five years old.

It’s just that, when introduced to athletics by his father, Sapwaturrahman immediately felt like and comfortable. After nearly a year of training under his father’s guidance, the athlete who is now also projected to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, began following the early age championship on Sumbawa, he also managed to become champion in the swimming championship, and ranked second in the high jump.

Since then, young Sapwaturrahman began to be more enthusiastic to practice. After being in junior high school, he always gets a call to represent his school in various championships. Because he always succeeded in winning the championship at the provincial level, Sapwa also got a call for selection of PPLP NTB athletes, through the Porseni route in 2007, and in 2008, he officially became a part of PPLP NTB.

“I won second place in the high jump number at the national level Porseni in Jakarta in 2007. And in 2008 I was called to be a PPLP NTB athlete,” he recalled.

Not even a year later became part of PPLP NTB, Sapwa was sent representing NTB to participate in the athletics competition between PPLP in Jakarta in 2008. At the event he won third place in the high jump number.

Besides practicing in the high jump, who at that time was his specialist, it turned out that Sapwaturrahman was also given instructions by PPLP NTB (Alm) trainers, Suratman, to try to practice at number 100 meters. Apparently the choice was not wrong, because Sapwa immediately won the number 100 meter at the National Athletics Championship between PPLP in 2008.

Following the impressive achievement, Sapwa immediately received a Pelatnas call from the National Team for the Asian Youth Championship projections in 2009. The result at the championship, young Sapwa successfully entered the last eight of Asia.

After the Asian Youth championship, Sapwa’s achievements in the 100 meter run continued to soar. What made the public more amazed, he managed to break the national and youth national records in 2010, with a record time of 10.63 seconds. Sapwa successfully broke the previous record, held by another NTB athlete, Made Budiasa with 10.73 seconds.

At that time, Sapwa’s achievements at the youth level had been difficult to compete with by teenage athletes and other national juniors. So he is always able to be the fastest in 2010-2011. But starting to trace the senior level, Sapwa achievements in short distance running numbers began to fade. He has difficulty competing with other runners, such as Fadlin and Iswandi, who became the fastest in 2012.

Realizing his chances at 100 meters began to be difficult, Sapwaturrahman began to shift to long and high jump numbers. Hopes began to emerge from the new number, when Sapwa met with NTB trainer, Arya Yuniawan, who had just withdrawn from the national team in 2015.

So that starting in 2015, Sapwa was trained by Arya Yuniawan, and this duet began to produce sweet results. In PON 2016, Sapwaturrahman successfully won a gold medal in the high jump and bronze from the long jump. Besides, Sapwa also managed to get gold with the team, in the men’s 4×100 meter number.

In addition to the PON event, Sapwa also won a gold medal in the long jump and bronze for the 2019 SEA Games high jump. Now he is preparing to take part in the Tokyo Olympics qualifying round, and defend NTB in the upcoming PON 2021.


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