The Other Side of Defia Rosmaniar, The First Athlete who Contribute Gold for Indonesia

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The enthusiasm of the Indonesian people to welcome the Asian Games 2018 is very high. Not only because they are proud of Indonesia hosting the Asian Games, but also hoping for a lot of athletes who represent Indonesia in the 40 sports at the Asian Games 2018 this time.

Their hope slowly becomes real. It was DefiaRosmaniar who successfully donated the first gold medal for Indonesia.

There is an interesting story behind her success in dominating the poomsae individual number in the biggest sports event in Asia. Before competing, the beautiful athlete who was born in Bogor, May 25th, 1995 often cried. But the coach and her friends soothed her until she finally managed to give the first gold for the Indonesian Team.

Although she’sbusy training, the athlete who has the life motto “Dream Big, Work Hard and Stay Humble” is also very dear and close to her family. For Defia, family is everything and that can be used as an encouragement when competing for victory.

In addition, the athlete who studied at one of the State Universities in Jakarta also loves traveling with friends. Defia often visits various tourist attractions at home and abroad. Especially when Defia competed in several countries that organized sports competitions, especially taekwondo, she did not forget to take the time to visit tourist sites in the country.

The 23-year-old beautiful athlete also does not hesitate to share important moments such as when she practices taekwondo and vacations to various countries through her personal Instagram account. There, you can see Defia’s familiarity with family and friends and the tourist locations that Defia has visited.


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