The New Board of Fenders Target is Passing their Athletes to Olympics 2020


High hopes accompanied the inauguration of the Large Indonesian Fencing Association (IKASI) Executive Board 2018-2022 on Saturday (3/14) in Jakarta. IKASI under the leadership of Agus Suparmanto stressed his determination to be able to pass a fencing athlete to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

According to Agus Suparmanto, who has entered the second period to lead IKASI, in the management this time, he emphasized the target of being able to pass athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, as well as improving the quality and quantity of HR in his organization.

“Yes, our target is how to pass athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,” Agus said, as quoted by Tribunnews.

“To be honest, IKASI in this case HR is very minimal. HR does not only talk about athletes, coaches, referees, or administrators either at the central or regional levels. Now for the coaches we try to bring in quality coaches from South Korea because this ginseng country has fenced global achievements,” he continued .

One of the obstacles experienced by IKASI so far, according to Agus, is that the trainers brought in are considered to be less effective in improving the ability and achievement of fencing athletes. Therefore, the program was chosen to cooperate with South Korea, by holding a training camp there.

“In this collaboration IKASI has benefited as many as 20 athletes received training facilities in South Korea,” he said.

IKASI’s target to be able to pass athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics also had the support of KONI Chairperson, Center for Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Marciano Norman. According to him, fencing does have great potential to be able to speak at the world level. Moreover, this graphic from the French sport has continued to show improvement in recent times.

“I am sure and optimistic that IKASI under the leadership of Mr. Agus Suparmanto can improve his performance and one day there are Indonesian fencing athletes who contribute gold medals in the Olympics such as badminton. And hopefully PB IKASI can become a rolmodel in organizational governance and achievement coaching,” concluded Marciano .

For information in the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, fencing is still failing to donate 1 silver and 1 bronze, but the performance of the athletes shows improvement and potential. Agus Suparmanto considered this as a starting point, the results of coaching in South Korea.


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