The Most Successful SEA Games Athletes Plans to Make Parents Happy


Dea Salsabila Putri’s progress in the 2019 SEA Games event indeed made many parties proud. Moreover, it is known that Dea managed to bring home 3 gold medals at once in the biennial sporting event.

For his achievement, Dea apparently managed to get a bonus worth Rp 1.4 billion.
The amount of bonuses given by the government to Dea is apparently the latest bonus amount that has increased.

As is well known, the latest news says if the government will give a bonus of Rp 500 million for gold medalists, Rp 300 million for silver medalists and Rp 150 million for bronze medals for the individual category.

As for the double category, gold medalists will get Rp. 400 million, silver at Rp. 240 million and bronze at Rp. 120 million.

Mentioned about the fantastic bonuses he received, the gold medalist in the category of Women’s Beach Laser Run Individual, Women’s Beach Triathle Individual, and Mixed Beach Triathlon Relay revealed that he wanted to use the prize to buy a house and make his parents happy.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy because I got an award from the government, thank you for the appreciation for Indonesian athletes at the SEA Games this time. I want to send my parents’ pilgrimage and buy a house,” Dea said, quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Uniquely the virgin born in March 20, 1998 did not expect to win a gold medal. Because this is the debut of the modern penthatlon event at the SEA Games. So from the beginning he was just hoping to target the silver medal.

“Thank God, I was able to prove that this SEA Games won three gold. This branch is not boring because there are variations from swimming, running to shooting, so it is not saturated during training,” Dea said.


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