The Indonesian Team Lifter Experienced Rapid Capacity Building

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The Indonesian Team champion lifters who are members of the National Training Center (Pelatnas) of the Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PABSI) have increased their abilities. This was obtained from the results of the second test, which was held at the PABSI Mess Kwini headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (28/08/20).

Athletes who are considered to have progressed rapidly in their abilities include Windi Cantika Aisah (49 kg), Siti Nafisatul Hariroh (49 kg). Meanwhile, in the men’s sector, there are Rizky Juniansah (73 kg), Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (73 kg) who are surprisingly able to match the two senior lifters Eko Yuli Irawan (61 kg) and Triyatno (73 kg).

Windi Cantika, who in the first test recorded a load of 189 kg, in the second test succeeded in increasing its total lift to 193 kg (snatch 87 kg and clean jerk 106 kg). Juliana Clarissa has also managed to increase her total lift, from 187 kg to 190 kg (snatch 82 kg and clean n jerk 108 kg).

Meanwhile, Siti Nafisatul Hariroh got a total force of 169 kg (74 kg snatch, 95 kg clean jerk), while Nurul Akmal from class 87+, successfully collected a total force of 245 kg (110 kg snatch, clean n jerk 135 kg) from the previous 240 kg.

In the male part of Rizky Juniansah, who in the first test received a total force of 323 kg, is now able to improve his records to 327 kg (snatch 145 kg, clean n jerk 182 kg), Rahmat Erwin Abdullah has now won a total of 332 kg (snatch 147 kg, clean n jerk) 185 kg), from initially only 327 kg.

Furthermore, Eko Yuli Irawan who in the first test achieved a total of 311 kg, is now able to increase his force to 317 kg (snatch 142 kg, clean n jerk 175 kg).

The results of the second test were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Chairman of PB PABSI Djoko Pramono. Even so, he hopes that the lifters will not become complacent and can always continue to improve. Because the Tokyo Olympics still have quite a long time left in 2021.

“The Olympics are still around 10-11 months away. Their training progress must continue to improve. I am proud of juniors whose results have improved significantly. 99 percent of them have improved their abilities, ”said Djoko, as quoted by

With this increase, Djoko is optimistic that weightlifting can add to his representatives to the Tokyo Olympics, which currently have tickets for Eko Yuli Irawan, Windi Cantika and Nurul Akmal.

“I am optimistic, if later we participate in two or three more Olympic qualifying events, then we will be able to add more junior lifters who will qualify for Tokyo,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Raja Okto Saptahari who also witnessed the second test of PABSI, said he was satisfied with the results of the training of the lifters carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. He believes that with this increase in ability, Team Indonesia’s mainstay weightlifters will be ready to participate in various international events in the future.

“If these results can be maintained, I am sure they can pan for gold at the Tokyo Olympics,” said Raja Okto.



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