The Indonesian Archery Team Projects for Olympics to Immediately Have Trials in Yogyakarta

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The Indonesian team’s archery national team will enter a new phase, by undergoing an internal try-in alias in Yogyakarta in November 2020. Yogya was chosen because it is considered to have the lowest level of risk in the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Archery TC itself has been held since August at Gelora Bung Karno Archery Field, Senayan. There were eight male and female archers who participated in the National Training Center in Jakarta.

They consisted of: Hendra Purnama, Arief Dwi Pangestu, Muhammad Hanif Wijaya, Ryan Rafi Adiputri, Titik Kusumawardani, Linda Lestari, Rezza Octavia, and Dela Berliana Hartanto.

The Indonesian Archery team manager, Izzu Farhan Fajri, said that until now, Team Indonesian archery athletes had experienced a good improvement in their abilities. Even though the TC this time was held in a pandemic setting, the archers could easily adjust.

“Alhamdulillah, the National Team has been going well, there have been no significant obstacles and from the start it has also implemented health protocols to maintain the health of athletes, coaches and support teams,” said Izzu.

“We also often do mini games, sharing sessions, and other activities that are not related to archery to overcome boredom,” he continued.

But just practicing and practicing, as a form of preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which is shifted to 2021 is not enough. Therefore, Perpani, as the parent of archery, will hold a try-in for National Pelatnas athletes in Yogyakarta in November 2020.

Currently, according to Izzu, the try-in concept is being developed for the program. It is very likely that Hendra Purnama et al will only have an internal game.

Why did Perpani finally set Yogyakarta as a place for testing, this is based on how the Covid-19 pandemic has developed in Indonesia until now.

“What Kemenpora allows in Yogyakarta is considering the available venues and the lower risk associated with the pandemic,” he said. he continued.

“Yes, now what we can do is try to maximize domestic training and internal games. Because until the end of the year all championships are abolished, and there is a direction from the Ministry of Youth and Sports that it is not allowed to participate in championships outside,” concluded Izzu.


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