The First Olympic Medal from The Three Srikandi

Tiga Srikandi: Nurfitriyana Saiman Lantang, Lilies Handayani, Kusuma Wardhani. (

In 1952, Indonesia participated Olympic for the first time in Helsinki, Finlandia. Indonesia consistently participated in this four-year event except on Tokyo’s Olympic in 1964, Moscow Soviet Union’s Olympic in 1980. After a long journety, finaly on October 1st, 1988 at Seoul, South Korea, Indonesia 1964 di Tokyo, Jepang dan Olimpiade 1980 Moskow, Uni Soviet. Setelah perjalanan panjang, akhirnya pada tanggal 1 Oktober di Olimpiade 1988 Seoul, Korea Selatan, Indonesia won its first medal-a silver medal-at the Olympics thanks for the last 9 arrows of Three Srikandi.

Not counted in the competition category archery team, in fact the three female archers of Indonesia: Nurfitriyana Saiman Lantang, Lilies Handayani, dan Kusuma Wardhani managed to collect a total of 3720 points and ranks fifth from 15 countries that compete in the qualifying archery team and go into the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the archers under the trainee of Donald Pandiangan performed brilliantly with a total of 975 points so it ranks fourth and qualify for the final round. China who was then included in the category of a tough team, was eliminated by the excellence appearance from The Three Srikandi. Trio Srikandi.

Appearing without a load in the final, The Three Srikandi gain lots of points, matched the acquisition of United States points with 952 points and surpassed points belonging to the Soviet Union and Great Britain which can only collect 951 and 933 points. Only South Korea able to pass the points of The Three Srikandi with 982 points and ensure themselves as gold medalist.

Indonesia and the United States who won the same points in the final,must determine who is entitled to occupy the runner-up position through a tie-breaker session. On this session, the Srikandi of Indonesia managed to Di sesi ini, Srikandi Indonesia managed to scoop up 72 points through nine tugs of their last arrows, ahead of the United States which is only able to reach 67 points.

One medal from The Three Srikandi, which triggered the other red and white athletes to do the same.


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