THE EXECUTIVE As an Official Partner of Team Indonesia


Jakarta, July 26th, 2018 – THE EXECUTIVE, an apparel brand production PT DELAMIBRANDS Kharisma Busana officially became the official partner of Team Indonesia to support the gait of the national athletes who will compete in Asia’s Largest Sports Festival of 2018 in August-September. In connection with this then THE EXECUTIVE held an event press conference at LOTTE Shopping Avenue.

It’s an honor for THE EXECUTIVE which is trusted by Team Indonesia to design and produce uniform defile worn by Indonesian athletes in opening and closing ceremony of Asia’s Biggest Sports Championship of 2018.

The collaboration between The EXECUTIVE and Team Indonesia aims to give full support to all national athletes who will fight in this prestigious Asian sporting competition to engrave a proud achievement. Also invite the Indonesian people to support the challenging struggle of the sons and daughters of this country who will represent Indonesia.

This synergy with the Team Indonesia is a form of concrete contribution of the EXECUTIVE brand to the homeland through sports field, in particular to foster the spirit of national athletes including new athletes and talents in the future, so they are able to achieve the achievement that make Indonesia famous in Asia, even at global scale.

Thomas Farial, President Director of PT DELAMIBRANDS Kharisma Clothing explained “THE EXECUTIVE brings a mission to share happiness to all levels of society in the euphoria of the Upcoming Asia’s Biggest Sports Events of 2018, by raising the spirit of champion in all of us; ranging from national athletes to communities as supporters of their struggle, which together we can put Indonesia as a country to be reckoned with in the world sporting arena.”

Erick Thohir, Chairman of the Asian Games Committee (KOI) and Chairman of the Asian Games 2018 Executing Committee, explained, “Our Team Indonesia is formed to support every struggle of Indonesian athletes and generate public pride in the achievements of Indonesian sports industry. The Asian Games are the perfect moment to gather support and appreciation from all elements of society. ”

Rita Zulkaidarati, General Manager Brand THE EXECUTIVE added, “As a fashion & an apparel brand that has been present in Indonesia for over 39 years, THE EXECUTIVE through its products and programs has become an integral part of the life of Indonesian people. “THE EXECUTIVE and Team Indonesia are committed to instilling the spirit of patriotism and nationalism among the next generation as future champions. The effort to echo the spirit, among others through uniform defile (uniform) athletes Team Indonesia made by THE EXECUTIVE with red and white theme. The combination of two colors is the identity of the Indonesian state flag or known as Sang Saka Merah Putih (Sang Dwiwarna(The Indonesian Flag, the Red and White).

The red color symbolizes courage, while the white color symbolizes purity. Red and white also have a philosophical meaning, where red as a symbol of human body, while white as a symbol of the human soul. Both colors complement each other and perfect the human body and soul to build Indonesia as a whole. With it also come the elements of national culture that became the pride of Indonesia, the name of it is Nusantara cloth batik with Parang’s Motif, one of the oldest batik motif in Indonesia. Parang’s motif as a symbol of the spirit that never goes out and spirit that never gives up.

The six outstanding athletes who served as ambassadors of the Indonesian team in the Asian Sports Championship are Pungky Afriecia (volleyball athlete), Diananda Choirunisa (archery athlete), I Gede Siman Sudartawa (swimming athlete), Eko Yuli Irawan (weight lifter) Arki Wisnu (basketball athlete), and Raphael Maitimo (soccer athlete) become a symbol that can spur the spirit of national athlete fight to achieve champion title. Including inspired all Indonesian citizens to provide support and appreciation that has a significant significance in generating the spirit and performance of national athletes to win this Asian sport’s competition.

Johannes Lambertus Paat (Ludy), General Manager Marketing Communication PT DELAMIBRANDS Kharisma Busana, revealed, “The champion’s spirit is always presented within the athletes. To that end, THE EXECUTIVE positively supports the spirit of the athletes of Team Indonesia in this grand sport’s event in Asia. ”

Coinciding with Independence Day in August, THE EXECUTIVE launched a special Indonesian-themed T-Shirt series. Shades of red and white are chosen as a symbol of the spirit of nationalism. Made of comfortable cotton tee material, this T-Shirt collection consists of five modern minimalist concept designed with accentuated screen printing in the form of line graphics and typography. Not to forget Garuda logo ornament that became icon of Indonesia. T-Shirt for Rp 149.900, – is marketed on July 26, 2018 at 32 stores of THE EXECUTIVE throughout Indonesia.

THE EXECUTIVE also appreciated the outstanding athletes by giving prizes to the Indonesian athletes who will win in every sport. For Gold Medal Winners, THE EXECUTIVE will award a cash prize of Rp 2,000,000, – for 15 Winners with a total value of Rp 30.000.000, -. As for the Silver / Bronze Medal Winner, THE EXECUTIVE will present a cash prize worth Rp 1,000,000, – for 20 Winners with a total value of Rp 20.000.000, -. With the appreciation is expected to further motivate the Indonesian team to win the Asian Sports Championship event this year 2018 and realize a shared dream: Indonesia Achievement

Established in 1984, The Executive is an apparel brand under the auspices of PT DELAMIBRANDS Kharisma Clothing. The Executive provides a wide range of casual work and casual-style accessories with a formal touch, has a unique signature style, refers to trend development, high quality at an affordable price. The Executive is aimed at men and women, young urban professionals who are modern, dynamic, and stylish. As a local brand that is rated prestige with international quality standardization, The Executive has been marketed throughout the territory of Indonesia, Malaysia until Vietnam. The Executive is available in over 100 stores and over 200 counters at leading department stores in Indonesia. The Executive is presented to support the appearance and confidence of young professionals in realizing the dream. The Executive is affordable stylish quality for modern professional people.

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Uniform defile (uniform) Team Indonesia athletes at the opening and closing ceremonies of Asia’s Largest Sports Festival of 2018 designed and produced by THE EXECUTIVE. The uniform is a blazer suit, t-shirt, and trousers with a touch of red and white.

The uniform for the female athletes consists of a white V-neck accent t-shirt, a double-breast double-length red hand blazer, and white pants. As for the male athletes, the white round neck accent t-shirt, red long hand blazer, and white pants.

The red color symbolizes courage and fervor. While the white color symbolizes the foundation of purity and cleanliness. Both colors complement each other and perfect the human body and soul to build Indonesia. In the white pants are accented two red lines on the left and right, which is inspired by the color of the Indonesian flag.

Red and white colored palettes also elaborate the impression of elegance. Smart casual style is created through chic slim fit. Strong silhouette lines and without excessive ornament applications strengthen the charm androgynous persona. Accents are centered on button embeds, line games, and essential pocket composition.

For male athletes uniforms, equipped with pocket square accessories. While female uniform athletes, equipped with scarf or hijab. The accessory uses Parang’s batik motif resembles the artistic letter S, is a symbol of interwoven / interweaving / making a continuity. The shape of the letter S is also a symbol of the ripples of the ocean waves that never stop bumpy. So that Parang’s Motif summed up as a spirit that will never be extinguished and also symbolized as a spirit that never surrender.

Special for pocket square, Parang’s motif combined with Nitik motif which is a combination of flower patterns. Nitik’s geometric motifs are often used in ceremonies or ceremonies as a symbol of blessing and victory.


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