The Closure of the 1951 Asian Games, The Opening Step of Indonesia’s Sports


On March 11, 1951, The First Asian Games was held at New Delhi, India, offically closed. A total of 57 numbers from 8 sports has been completed. Despite being far from winning the overall champion medal, however, Indonesia’s participation in India has become an important point for the sport of the nation. Indonesia quite regularly followed similar events, both in the Olympics and the SEA Games.

From the 11th participating Asian countries, as many as 8 countries are able to collect medals. Japan became the overall champion by collecting the most gold medals, followed by host India.With a total of 5 bronze medals andfinished 7th in the final standings of medal, Indonesia at least can go home with head quite upright.

Indonesia’s participation in the first Asian Games proves the rise of the 6-year-old country. They don’t go home empty-handed, the athletes assure that Indonesia is a country whose sport is worth considering among Asian countries and even to the world.


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