The 2019 SEA Games is Officially Opened


The 30th largest sports party in Southeast Asia is officially opened. Representatives from 11 participating countries gathered at the opening of the 2019 SEA Games which was held Saturday (11/30) at the Philipines Arena, Philippines.

About 275 contingent members represented Indonesia to take part in the defile during the opening party. This group consisted of 250 athletes and the rest were officials and coordinators including the Indonesian contingent Chief de Mission (CdM), Harry Warganegara. Appearing as the bearer of the Indonesian flag is Ridjkie Mulia from the Water Polo sports branch, a branch that has ensured itself to win a gold medal.

At the 2019 SEA Games, as many as 841 athletes will go down to defend Indonesia. They will compete in 52 branches of 56 sports that are contested. This time, the government gave a target so that the Indonesian Contingent could win 60 gold medals and bring Indonesia in second place to the final medal standings.

In the opening defile, the Indonesian contingent appeared among the contingents of Cambodia and Laos. They performed by wearing traditional clothes in several regions in the archipelago, such as Aceh, Lampung, Bali, NTT, etc.


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