The 2019 SEA Games Final is the Women’s Softball Target


The Indonesian women’s softball team was given the target to enter the 2019 SEA Games final. This was revealed by the Chief de Missions (Cdm) Indonesian Team for the SEA Games, Harry Citizen. The consideration, the Indonesian women’s softball team is a strong team in Southeast Asia.

“They are ranked 37th in the world, meaning that at SEA Games, they are superior, I myself hope to enter until the final, and in the final can win. Even though the home team opponents, we are at least silver. But of course we can get gold,” said Harry, as quoted by Media Indonesia.

Currently, the women’s softball team is finalizing their playing strategy before competing in the SEA Games. A total of 17 athletes continue to be brewed to provide maximum results in the Philippines.

In line with Cdm, Iwan Pujiharto as the Manager of the Softball Princess Indonesia Team said that his team was given a target to enter the final.

“We are ready 70-80%, because we have entered into maturation strategy, scrimmage game. We are already heading there. We will also be interspersed with matches against several teams in Jakarta. We will send 17 players from 6 Provinces. “Our target is to enter the final and fight for gold,” Iwan Pujiharto at the GBK Sofbol Field, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (10/25).

One of the Indonesian players, Creside Mariska, spreads optimism that Indonesia can compete in the 2019 SEA Games. “The training is definitely passionate for all conditions, because we have a target, right? Finally, softball entered the SEA Games in 2015 and we feel that now the gold target will definitely we try. The weather factor is also not affected, the hotter the more the spirit, “he said at the GBK Softball Field, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (10/25).


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