For the Indonesian Nation, sport is not just as an entertainment, or a spectacle as a spare time filler only. But for this nation, sport is the arena for showing an existence, the lifter of the nation’s name, and the unifying tool of the nation.

The Indonesian team is formed to support every struggle of Indonesian athletes and to promote athletes to be recognized by the people of Indonesia. The Indonesian team is expected to maximize the support of the entrepreneurs, as well as the wider community in order to provide maximum support, to the athletes who will strive for the Red and White flag.

Through channel, we are here with information about the struggle of the best sons and daughters of Indonesia in the sports arena at all time. We are here to draw closer the struggle of Indonesian athletes with their loyal supporters.

Indonesia, sometimes we feel grunted when we are left behind from other countries. But we still miss, and we’re wholeheartedly support when the athletes are striving in the arena, for one thing, because we love. Indonesia with its name and population, harbored great potential to be the best in Asia and even the world. As long as we believe, and work hard to achieve.