Tenis National Camp  Focus On Improving Physical Ability

Aldila Sutjiadi | Sumber Foto : http://www.ashgabat2017-gallery.com

The tennis national training center (Pelatnas) has indeed started its program again since March 2020 in Jakarta. According to Deddy Tedjamukti, the National Tennis Training Center coach is needed to be able to restore and develop the physical condition of the Indonesian team tennis players, who have been training independently at home, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Actually, the Indonesian Tennis Team will compete at the end of August in Thailand, but due to the pandemic that has not yet subsided, the tournament has failed to run according to schedule. However, this has not discouraged Aldila Sutijadi et al to continue to train intensely at Senayan Outdoor Tennis Jakarta so far.

“We did build up physically first, even though on 30 (August) the tournament was canceled. We are still training to build up physically,” Deddy Tedjamukti said, as reported by wartakota.com.

Deddy explained, building a good physique, in order to increase the endurance of the tennis players, who until now still don’t know when they will be able to return to the tournament.

Because of that, Deddy felt that he had to be able to keep and physically support the tennis players, so that when it was time for them to compete, they would not be shocked and physically ready.

“We focus on the physical. If we continue to practice playing, we will get bored because we don’t have a tournament yet and we don’t know when to start. We will exercise physically so that we will be strong when we play in the tournament,” he said.

Not only physically, Deddy also continues to give orders to his tennis players, to continue to improve the technical side which has been recognized as their respective weaknesses.

These efforts, according to him, are very important to continue at this time, so that later when they return to the competitive arena, they are more and more ready and perfect.

“We are also now maintaining what he has. We also betulin what became Weeknes. Here we build up. So far, 70 percent of them are ready for the Tournament,” he said.

Tennis itself is one of the sports that have restarted their National Pelatnas, amid the current pandemic. In carrying out the entire training program, the Indonesian Tennis Team maintains strict health protocols. Such as the use of masks, hand sanitizers, also washing hands before and after practice, and checking body temperature.


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