Determination of This Shot Put’s Hero of Team Indonesia to Defend Gold at Sea Games

Sumber Gambar: CNN Indonesia

After having to swallow the disappointment at the Asian Games 2018 stage, shot put’s female athlete, Eki Febri Ekawati, begin to prepare herself for the SEA Games 2019. At that time, she failed to present a medal because she was injured one month before the championship was held.

She wants to redeem by maintaining a gold medal at the SEA Games 2019. Last year, Eki won the gold medal in the shot put’s women’s branch with a record distance of 15.39 meters.  This is something she wants to try again in the biennial event which this time will be held in the Philippines. Together with her coach, Eki choose Bandung as a place to forge herself.

“One month before the Asian Games I was injured during the preparations so the results were not optimal, then now is the recovery period, and indeed it is better. Maybe in the future for the SEA Games 2019 I can defend the title like the SEA Games 2017, “Eki said as quoted by Detik Sport.  Although the championship level is only Southeast Asia, Eki believes that the SEA Games is very important. She is realistic because to compete at the Asian level is still difficult to reach.

“Yes to me, this is just realistic speaking, because for the Olympics we know athletes from abroad, their abilities are too far to reach. Even for the Asian level like China it’s still tough to beat, so in my opinion the SEA Games is still important. Achieving is difficult and difficult to maintain. So I want to defend the title (gold), “she explained.

“So the focus on the SEA Games first then the Olympics. One thing at a time, if there are many things, it’d be confusing, “She added.  The Executive Board of the All Indonesia Athletics Association (PB PASI), according to the plan, will re-present the consultant maestro athlete Harry Marra in mid-November. To further “heat up the engine”, Eki is also scheduled to first attend the Asian Championships in Qatar in March 2019.


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