TC In Thailand U-19 National Team Got A Touch Of Technology

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesia U-19 national team is currently concentrating on training camp at the Alpine Football Training camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Until the third day, Thursday (01/23), the trainees began to utilize technology, to help train Garuda Muda. They use the Sport Vest GPS that is used on each player’s chest.

“In this training camp we implemented a program to improve the physical endurance of players, as I said at the beginning I was the manager of the Indonesian national team, I will focus there. I also brought a physical team from South Korea,” said the national team coach U-coach 19 Shin Tae-yong was quoted from

Shin also added, that his party had also held a physical test to the player, the results were quite good.

“We also hold physical tests for players. The results are satisfying. It will continue to be improved throughout the training camp here. The use of GPS for physical tests is also used,” said Shin Tae-yong.

The use of GPS is a collaboration between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Cooperative Research Centers (CRC). Previously the same technology had been applied to help unleash the potential of the Kangaroo State athlete.

The GPS Sport Vest first appeared in 2006 in Melbourne Australia. This tool has a box shape and is placed on the body of the player, especially the chest.

The function of the sport vest itself is to record and send data on the movement, distance traveled and speed of each player. Record the data, then it will be sent to the smartphone.

Currently with Shin Tae-yong, the Indonesian National Team U-19, will further maximize the use of the latest technology, as a support for training facilities.



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