Target of 16 Gold, Will it Happen?


Indonesia will again host the Asian Games 2018 which will be held from August 18th to September 2nd, 2018. This event can be an opportunity for Indonesia to show off at the biggest sports party in Asia.

The Indonesian government set a target of around 16 gold medals to be achieved by athletes at this Asian Games. This number is more than 5 medals from the gold medal when Indonesia hosted 1962. Of all the Asian Games events that have been followed, the number of 11 Indonesian gold medals in 1962 was the most.

Indonesia is not a strong country in Asia. Except in 1962, Indonesia never passed a single digit figure to collect gold medals. In 1970, for example, when the Asian Games were held in Tehran, Iran, Indonesia was only able to win 9 gold medals.

With a target of 16 gold medals, Indonesia will set a record. Indonesia will break the record for their most number of gold medals during their participation in the Asian Games.



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