Tan Joe Hok, The First All-England Achievers Title, with a Humble Heart

Tan Joe Hok di final Thomas Cup 1964. Sumber: museummiliterku.blogspot.com

As long as the badminton game still exists, my name won’t disappear. It’s the same like people won’t forget about Bung Karno, they just can’t” – Tan Joe Hok (Source: CNN Indonesia).

The sentence expressed by one of Indonesia’s badminton maestro mentioned above may sound so high. But, if we look back at his service for this nation with his myriad achievements, we are surely will admit his intensity.Tan Joe Hok, we always hear about his name, especially during the All England prestigious badminton tournament event held every year.

This year, total of 14 numbers will represent Indonesia at the All England tournament. Superseries Premier status tournament will be held on 14th to 18th of March at Birmingham Arena, England.All England badminton championship is the world’s oldest badminton championship. The tournament was first held in 1899. This tournament earned the superseries status in the year of 2007. At 2011, this tournament was upgraded to a tournament with Superseries Premier status.

In its long history, Indonesian badminton player who won the All England championship for the first time was Tan Joe Hok in 1959.This Bandung-born player managed to win in the men’s singles after defeated fellow countryman Ferry Sonneville with a score of 15-8, 10-15, 15-3.

The title in 1959 was the only title for Tan Joe Hok in the All England. In fact, the man who was born in 1937 has the opportunity to add to his title in 1963 in the men’s doubles with Ferry Sonneville.The pair lost 10-15, 15-4, and 15-7 from the Danes, Finn Kobbero and Jorgne Hammergaard Hansen.

In addition to being champion in the All England, Tan Joe Hok became a hero after he brought the Thomas Cup along with his colleagues to Indonesia for the first time in 1958. He repeated his achievements in the year of 1961 and 1964. In 1962, again award-winning lifetime achievement from Flypower and Inspiro listed in history after becoming the champion of Asian Games, when badminton contested as an official sporting event at the Asian Games held in Jakarta. “I felt proud, because not everyone can be like this” he said , as quoted on the site CNN Indonesia.

The champions’ offerings from badminton were treated casually by Tan Joe Hok.Humbly, to CNN Indonesia, Tan Joe Hok acknowledged as an ordinary person. “(I) an ordinary person blessed by God, so I can give something to this nation.”


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