Taking the 3rd Test, Weightlifting Athletes Show Improved Performance


In the 3rd Test conducted by the National Training Center for weightlifting at the headquarters of the Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PABSI) Kwini, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/09), marked by intense competition between lifters.

One thing that shows the tough value of the class is the competition between Triyatno’s senior lifters in the 73 kg class, and his two juniors, Rizki Juniansyah and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah.

One after another, the total force occurred among the three top lifters from the Indonesian Team, especially in the clean and jerk class.

As a result, Triyatno’s total force was defeated by Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (South Sulawesi) and Rizki Juniansyah (Banten).

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah was able to collect a total force with a record of 338 kg, consisting of a 148 kg snatch and a 190 kg Clean and Jerk.

Meanwhile, Rizki Juliansyah received a total force of 334 kg, from a snatch weighing 149 kg and a Clean and Jerk of 185 kg.

While his seniors Triyatno (East Kalimantan) got a total force of 305 kg, from snatch 135 kg and Clean and Jerk 170 kg.

Interestingly, Rahmat Erwin Abdullah’s snatch force was able to surpass the world record for adolescents which was also recorded in his own name, and succeeded in increasing the total force by one kilogram, from the previous progress test results, for clean and jerk, weighing 147 kg.

Meanwhile, from the women’s sector, lifter Windy Cantika Aisah (West Java), who specializes in the 49 kg class, has also seen an increase in performance, the results of training so far. Lifter who has passed to the Olympics gets a total force of 197 kg, the result of a snatch of 88 kg (up 1 kg from the previous test of 87 kg) and a total force of Clean and Jerk weighing 109 kg.

Lifter Julian Klarisa (Jambi) who competed at 55 kg was also able to improve his snatch force, from 82 kg to 83 kg, and was able to lift loads for Clean and Jerk weighing 106 kg. As well as recording a total force weighing 188 kg.

Likewise with the female lifter from Aceh, Nurul Akmal who appeared in class 87+, she was able to collect a total force of 246 kg, with a snatch force of 105 kg and Clean and Jerk 141 kg.

Meanwhile, the debutant lifter at Pelatnas, Najla Khoirunisa (West Java), who competed in the 45 kg class, could achieve a total force of 128 kg, consisting of a snatch of 58 kg, and Clean and Jerk 70 kg.

Najla has just joined, replacing Putri Aulia who was sent back to her area. He is prepared to face the Vietnam SEA Games in 2021.

“We are indeed preparing Najla to face the 2021 SEA Games, besides being around 15 years old, he is also the second best lifter in his class at this time. Hopefully within a year of being at the National Pelatnas his achievements will be more honed,” said the Deputy Chairman. PABSI general Djoko Pramono on the sidelines of the 3rd Progress Test, as reported from nusantara tv.

Joko also explained, until the completion of the 3rd performance test, athletes continued to show an increase in performance of around 70 percent during the National Pelatnas program. He hopes that the athletes’ peak performance will be achieved at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and Vietnam SEA Games in the same year.

“We will also hold a large-scale evaluation in December. To see more about the strengths and weaknesses of athletes while in Pelatnas. That is why our benchmark is to hold a progress test every month, because this is a measured sport so that their progress can also be measured. , “he concluded.


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