Take a peek at the 2019 SEA Games Venue which has first class facilities


The SEA Games race will be held at the New Clark City Sports Hub or what can also be called New Clark City Sports. The 50-hectare sports complex was established in the Capas area, Tarlac, Philippines.

The groundbreaking took place on January 23, 2018, but officially the process began on March 15, 2018. The project was completed around July – August 2019 and underwent a series of field drops in October.

So the opening of the 2019 SEA Games will also be the inauguration of this brand-new sports complex, the pride of the Filipino people.

As for facilities, this sports complex has an Aquatic Center, Athletes Vilage, National Sports Training Center and the main center of New Clark City Athletic Stadium.

New Clark City Athletic Stadium, the main venue of the 2019 SEA Games event. The 20,000-capacity stadium has a futuristic luxury design inspired by Mount Pinatubo which is adorned with mountain lava patterns in its interior and exterior.

Don’t ask questions about facilities. The stadium has one soccer field, nine running tracks, synthetic warm-up tracks and also a field to host athletics and other sports.

With all the privileges, this stadium has a first class certification from the International Association of Athletes Federation (IAAF). This means that the stadium is not only suitable for holding the SEA Games, but also the Asian Games and even the Olympics.

“When I first saw the new facilities of this stadium, I wanted to be an athlete again. During my career as an athlete, I never got this kind of facility, “said Sean Guevarra, coach of the Philippine athletics team as reported by Bola.com.

In addition to the stadium, the Aquatic Center of New Clark City Sports Hub also has exceptional facilities. Even staying is equivalent to the quality of the 2012 London Olympics venue. This pool also received recognition in the form of class 1 certification from the International Swimming Federation.


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