Taekwondo Has Compiled Proposal for Submitting Pelatnas

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The Great Management of Taekwondo Indonesia (PB TI) is now well established to be able to start implementing national training camps (Pelatnas) in the near future. Currently they are preparing Pelatnas proposals and health protocols.

This was stated by the Head of PB TI Achievement Development Yefi Triaji. According to him, this submission will be an important point for his party, because so far the taekwondo athletes cannot practice optimally at the POPKI Sports Hall, Cibubur.

During this time, six athletes who are projected to compete in the Tokyo Olympics qualification event only stay in the mes and run training that is limited by land. The six athletes consisted of, Muhammad Bassam, Mariska Halinda, Ibrahim Zarman, Adam Yazid, Farel Patra and Aqila Aulia.

“Today (Wednesday 10/06) I am preparing a letter of application for the implementation of national training in the POPKI building and with a health protocol. So all those involved including athletes, coaches, managers, support teams must be healthy first,” Yefi said.

Until now, said Yefi, his party has conducted two rapid tests, to a team member consisting of six kyorugi athletes, four coaches, managers and five support teams. The first test was conducted ahead of Lebarang, and the last in early June.

“The results are all negative. So even though the national training plate was stopped at the end of March, we must ensure that their health and charity is carried out strictly,” he said.

“Only six athletes were held because at the Olympics they only competed against Kyorugi. While the discipline branch of Poomsae has not yet entered,” he added.

In addition to wanting to hold national training in GOR, PB TI is also planning a number of trials in South Korea in October 2020.

“Even though the event is still being reviewed because of safety as well, but in principle when given the facility to re-national training we will use it as much as possible. Because an athlete if three to four days no training has been destroyed again, from zero again. So this is important but with protocol true health too. ” said Yefi.


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