Swimming Immediately Submit Dispensation To Menpora

Sumber Gambar: Tirto.id

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has not yet ended, the All Indonesia Swimming Association (PRSI) has confirmed that it will not hold a National Pelatnas. Because, for swimming it is not possible to do online training like that held by other sports.

Until now, swimming sports have encountered obstacles in holding Pelatnas due to obstruction of the regulation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). Indonesia national team swimming coach David Armandoni said that his athlete would be able to experience a decrease in performance if it did not go down directly into the pool.

“We have difficulty swimming because there is no pool. If possible, special protocols for swimming can be made,” David said as quoted by Medcom.

“So that we can train again. Because it is impossible for us to practice through Zoom (webinar application). We have to touch the water,” continued David.

Proposal for swimming can get dispensation in the National Pelatnas in the situation of PSBB was also submitted by the PRSI. Upon the request of the swimming sport, the Ministry of Youth and Sports immediately agreed. The Menpora Zainudin Amali also provided input, so that PRSI could immediately submit a recommendation to be able to hold a Pelatnas to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“Please submit a request accompanied by a request for training and planning. This is important so that we can see whether we are fully awake or not. If not, we will not be permitted by the task force,” said the Menpora.

Only Menpora Zainudin still gave an outline, that PRSI must be able to truly implement the health and safety protocol, if indeed later recommendations and dispensations have been given. One of the important protocols to be obeyed by swimming is not to hold other activities outside the National Training Board.

“Indeed, we know that in a swimming pool the virus will not enter because there is a chemical composition in the water so that it neutralizes the water and I think it is safe. so too, “said the Menpora.

“If it can be obeyed like abroad, for example athletes come with their swimsuits, enter the water, and don’t stop by anywhere, including to lockers. Maybe PRSI can make a letter to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Just like weightlifting and badminton,” he concluded.


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