Support Volleyball Athletes National, PBVSI Buleleng Form Academy

Sumber Gambar:

Kemajuan national volleyball can not be separated from the support in the area. This is what the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) Bali Buleleng Regency is trying to do, by establishing the ABVB Buleleng Volleyball Academy.

ABVB was established as a training forum, as well as a medium to prepare volleyball athletes from the Buleleng Regency area, to be ready to compete not only at the level of Bali Province, but also nationally. In the meantime, there are 401 ABVB prospective students, both boys and girls, who have registered online.

Chairman of PBVSI Buleleng Regency Putu Mangku Mertayasa, after the formation of ABVB, his party will soon map the potential of volleyball athletes in the Buleleng area, which is also known as the largest district on the island of Bali. According to him, this demographic bonus will be the main capital to be able to find the talents of potential volleyball athletes.

“We at the committee held a limited working meeting to evaluate the previous management and find answers to solutions so that the Buleleng volleyball academy emerged. It turns out that after we opened online registration for three weeks, the applicants had reached 401 people in total, public interest was very high, “he explained, quoted from

He further explained that ABVB recruits prospective athletes from the age of 13 to 20 years. They will then focus their training at 4 points in the Buleleng area for free. Prospective athletes will be classified as, beginner, teenager, junior and senior. The coaching concept is a long-term program, starting at an early age. It is hoped that ABVB’s fostered athletes will be able to penetrate to the national level and become part of the Indonesian Team.

Hundreds of athletes who have registered will have their physical condition tested first, then selected into groups (beginner, teenager, junior, senior), and divided into boys and girls, or indoor volleyball and sand volleyball.

Until now ABVB has also recruited a number of coaches, all of whom are free of charge. They will train and nurture athletes, according to the previously prepared modules, so that the targets to be achieved in each exercise become clear.


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